Seasonal Jobs 2017: Target Hiring 100000 for 2017 Holidays

09/14/2017 03:00 |

Seasonal Jobs 2017: Target Hiring 100000 for 2017 Holidays

During the second quarter, Target had registered comparable digital channel sales growth of 32 percent, on top of 16 percent growth in the year-ago period.

Target plans to hire 2,500 seasonal workers in Colorado, including 1,500 in the Denver metro area, the giant retailer announced Wednesday.

The hiring boom is a sign of retail rebound for Target, which recently announced it was lowering prices on thousands of items.

Discount-store operator Target Corp.

Every holiday season, businesses in the retail industry compete to find temporary employees needed for the surge in sales. Although Target, like many other retailers, has had a rough 2017, the number of employees that it is taking on this holiday season seems incredibly bullish.

Wal-Mart has been spending more on paying higher wages and acquiring online retailer and so is unlikely to boost seasonal hiring to the same extent as Target, he said.

In 2016, Target brought on 77,500 temporary workers.

Target plans to hire 30,000 more people than past year during the holiday season to improve customer service.

Retailers could also boost in-store staffing this year as they are now tasking workers with more activities such as manning shipping and pickup from stores, said Brendan Witcher, principal analyst at Forrester Research.

The retailer said it will add personnel at all its 1,816 stores across the US, as well as an additional 4,500 workers at distribution centers and fulfillment facilities.

The company had hired 7,500 workers to work at the centers past year as it required additional staffing for three new facilities.

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