Egg prices climb in Midwest due to bird flu - Cleveland

05/21/2015 14:07 | 2

Egg prices climb in Midwest due to bird flu - Cleveland

Confirmatory testing is done by the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) National Veterinary Services Laboratory IN Ames, Iowa. The number of turkeys on each farm was not immediately released. The virus has already led to the deaths of more than 5.7 million turkeys and chickens across the state, according to the latest state figures.

Iowa, Sioux county - 272,300 commercial chickens. The virus was detected in a flock of 50 ducks as a result of monitoring prompted by another outbreak.

Cases of avian influenza climbed to 60 Tuesday in Iowa, with four operations believed infected with the virus, including another backyard flock. The losses are for all Minnesota areas outside the Twin Cities. Support from the EDA Center at the University of Minnesota Crookston helped fund this report.

For every 100 jobs lost due to reduced poultry processing, nine are in the trucking industry.

DES MOINES | Gov. Terry Branstad said Monday there is growing concern about economic and job losses that Iowa may incur due to ongoing problems associated with an Avian influenza outbreak that has hit the state’s poultry industry.

Though this crisis could shape up to become the largest short-term change to the U.S. egg market ever experienced, many say only time will tell its true impact. The flock size was not known when the outbreak was reported on May 14. However, the University of Minnesota has published a report estimating economic losses in the state at $310 million and counting.

Joel Harris, the company's head of sales and marketing, said the trials could take 4 to 8 weeks.

Over the weekend officials from the Rembrandt Foods laying facility in Renville issued a statement that said as many as 2 million egg-laying hens could be affected at the farm because of the avian influenza.

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