Dr. Noralane M Lindor

Dr. Noralane M Lindor, MD

Family Medicine, Clinical Molecular Genetics, Clinical Genetics, M.D.

31 years experience

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Awards & Distinctions


St Marys Hospital - Rochester

Rochester Methodist Hospital

Mayo Clinic Rochester Methodist Hospital

St. Mary`s Hospital



Mayo Medical School Professor of Medical Genetics

Mayo Clinic Professor of Medical Genetics


One of America's Leading Experts on:

Office location

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3454 55th St NW Suite 430, Rochester, MN, 55901
Phone: 507-284-2511

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200 1st St Sw, Rochester, MN, 55901
Phone: 507-284-2511

| Noname 03/11/2009

Dr Noralane M Lindor MD,She was a wonderful Doctor and I will forever be indeted to her for her help with my son .My overall experance with the peds unit at Mayo was not like any other experance I have had with doctors.You have some of the finest people t

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