The pediatrics

The pediatrics are science about the kid, and the pediatrician is, first of all, the person to whom parents entrust the most expensive - health of the youngster.

Thus, we believe that the child's doctor it is not simple specialty or profession. This calling, and perhaps, purpose. It is really important that the tyke from the first days was observed by the experienced physician. Discourse of the child is responsible business which our specialists are able and wish to cause.

Prevention of diseases - the main project of the pediatrician. Most of children are born healthier. The doctor helps family to organize correctly care of the newborn, to adjust lactation, physically to develop the small fry. At a more advanced age the balanced diet, immunity strengthening, prevention of allergy, carrying out vaccination, harmonious entry into children's collective are very significant. The pediatrician helps to resolve these and many other problems to parents.

When should I go to the pediatrician?

A visit to the pediatrician can be for the child and his parents, both planned, and unplanned. Let's look at both alternatives.

Planned survey:

Sojourns of the pediatrician - obligatory part of the liveliness of each child, even if it is good for you. To 1m to year of life the doctor has to analyze the small fry at least 1 time a month. Enter routine inspection:

  • Assessment of state of health of the kid;
  • Assessment of physical and psychomotor development;
  • Assessment of eating and nutrient;
  • Timely detection of diseases and morbid conditions;
  • Carrying out vaccination;
  • Consultation with parents;
  • Definition of tactics of the subsequent supervision.

The doctor has to watch growth and the child's weight, to make the individual plan of inoculations and in time to carry out vaccination which creates full-fledged immunity of the kid. Also experienced pediatrician has to make the recommendations to parents on food, hardening, education of the child, to teach methods of massage.

The wellness of the kid very much depends on the correct or wrong, leaving, on, whether right recommendations will be caused to the mother by the doctor, whether will be able to find disease at an early point in time.

Unplanned survey:

The most usual causes of the address to the pediatrician:

  • The increased body temperature;
  • Modification of the general status of the child (slackness, decrease of the activity, fatigue, agitation);
  • Pain - any location;
  • Digestive disturbances (diarrhea, lack), a considerable change of appetite, throwing up;
  • Cough, the complicated breath, cold;
  • Emergence of enanthesis;
  • Need of parents for consultation concerning physical, psych emotional development of the child, the organization of a balanced diet;
  • Problems with breastfeeding.