The family doctor

The family doctor is certified specialist who systematically, constantly carries out long supervision over the state of health of the patient and/or his family, advises at need of emergence. The family doctor organizes necessary consultations and inspections, hospitalization, and also is engaged in prevention of the development of diseases in the patients.

The family medicine is based on the integrated, qualified approach of broad specialists - family doctors, creating the long relations between the doctor and the patient.

At family doctors specific education - the diploma and the certificate are obtained. They are well trained in fundamental medical sciences, therapy, pediatrics, immunology, and also bases of surgical and some other specialties. The general practitioner (synonym of "the family doctor") cannot and should not know everything. He well knows only the most widespread illnesses, is competent of primary diagnosis, acute management. It is very justified since in most cases, it is not required to address to "narrow specialists".

The family doctor, thanks to the status, can know about the patient a set of things (except complaints and that is associated with the illness). He is well informed along the patient's habits (harmful and useful), knows about some private moments, about character and the patient's nature, about the psychological climate at work and at home. It helps it to consider more widely the reasons of diseases and to select individual, most effective ways of handling.

The family doctor can give notice and treat all household members: children, parents, grandmothers and grandfathers. This is the doctor, who you can trust, which has the status of the acquaintance close to you.

This conformation of the relations "patient doctor" is the highest spot in the development of reciprocal confidence and regard. The family doctor is a friend of the family, the consultant, the helper. Be sure that in a difficult moment it will be neat!