Otorhinolaryngology - one of the main areas of work of clinic.

The ENT specialist is engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of ears, drinks, throat and nose.

Address to the ENT specialist with many complaints:

  • Cold, allocations from nose;
  • Difficulty of nasal breath;
  • Effervescence;
  • Reddening, pain and irritation in throat;
  • Hoarseness of voice;
  • Ear pain;
  • Decrease in hearing;
  • Whitish plaque on almonds;
  • Increase in cervical, submaxillary and outer-ear lymph nodes;
  • Frequent quinsies;
  • Snore;
  • Headache.

In our clinic:

  • The doctor will listen to complaints, will ask about the postponed diseases, allergic reactions and hereditary predispositions, and will study medical documentation.
  • Will perform inspection of all ENT organs.
  • Will appoint additional laboratory and tool inspections, drug and physiotherapeutic treatment, will make recommendations about the prevention of exacerbations of disease.
  • Will carry out surgical treatment: puncture of Highmore's bosom, polypektomy - removal of polyps, opening of abscesses, hematomas.
  • Will recommend operation: septoplastic (correction of nasal partition), adenotom (removal of adenoids, including endoscopic), tonzilloktoms (removal of almonds), tympanotoms, polypotoms (removal of polyps), hearmeliorative middle ear operations, etc.