Gynecology one of the main areas of work of clinic. Experienced qualified professionals represent obstetrics and gynecology of our medical center. They possess all skills and knowledge necessary in the daily practice.

Expect the highest medical qualification, we still possess technical capabilities and strong laboratory base for rendering the qualified assistance at the highest professional level.

Here that not a full list of gynecologic services which you can receive in our center:

  • Video colposcopy;
  • Biopsy of neck of uterus;
  • Histologic and sociological researches;
  • Inspections on papillomavirus and other diseases, sexually transmitted;
  • Complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of vagina and neck of uterus;
  • Solution of the problem of infertility;
  • Selection of methods of contraception and planning of family;
  • Ultrasonography diagnosis on the device of expert class;
  • Preparation for pregnancy, birth and parenting;
  • Full range of medical manipulations on neck of uterus:
  • Laser vaporization of epithelium of neck of womb;
  • Cytolysis of epithelium of neck of uterus;
  • Chemical destruction of epithelium of neck of uterus;
  • Treatment of benign tumors of bodies of small pelvis (cyst of ovaries, uterus fibromyoma).

Characteristic of our clinic is use of method of argonoplazmic coagulation for treatment of erosion and dysplasia of cervix of womb.

Argonoplazmic coagulation new, innovative method of controlling with gynecologic diseases which does not give complications and differs in high performance. This advanced method is widely used in gynecologic practice for treatment of erosion and dysplasia of cervix of the uterus and is the most preferable to not give birth women.

The core of the method consists in influence of the radio wave strengthened by inert gas argon. Under the influence of argon there is a fast coagulation of surface of fabric to creation of thin layer (to 3 mm) reliable scab. During the work of argonoplazmic coagulator temperature on fabric never exceeds 110 ° thanks to the chilling effect of getting on. As shortly as the scab was created, further penetration of energy into fabric does not come about. The astuteness of its penetration into fabric is approximately twice less, than at traditional coagulation that considerably reduces the danger of perforation of thin-walled bodies and leaves to use argonoplazmic coagulation not only in gynecology, but also in gastroenterology, Proctology (treatment of diseases of duodenal and large intestine, and also gullet).